Seeing Candice yesterday, reminded me of how I struggled to recover from a stroke a few years back, when nothing seemed to helped me. My family found Candice and she saved my life and gave me a few more useful working years. I can never repay her.

Mac Robertson
Rehabilitation Client, Pretoria

Candice is an all-round fantastic human being - which just makes her all the better as a trainer. I've never met someone who cares as much about her clients as Candice does: and it shows, because a lot of her clients are also her good friends. I feel privileged to count myself among the latter - and on the personal training side, I have never felt happier with my body. I am at my lowest weight in 4 years, and what's incredible is that I've put *on* muscle, and *lost* fat. What's extra fantastic about this is that she wants to make me strong - it's not just about losing weight, but about my performing at my best. Because of her, I'm close to being able to perform an un-aided pull-up - and all of this from training with her twice a week. Oh, and I have to mention: her advice when it comes to nutrition is out of this world. Thank you, Candy

Taryn Harding
PT Client, Johannesburg

I have known Candice for several years and have worked with her twice to meet different fitness goals. She is a knowledgeable and empathetic professional who takes the time to get to know her clients, understand their goals and tailors solutions that guarantee success.

Through Candice's expert guidance, I have managed to shed the extra Covid kilos and build lean muscle.

When it comes to fitness, sports nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend Candice.

Shannon-Merissa Ferley
Online PT Client, Ireland


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